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24th Dec 2016, 1:44 PM


October 1, 2016

Hey guys. Since I've started high school, things have been pretty crazy and I haven't had any time to draw any comics, so I am closing Running WIth Scissors for the time being. Also, I just posted the 50th strip, so it seems right to take a little break. I will start it again in January 2017. I hope you understand. See you in January!


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6th Sep 2016, 8:36 PM

Big Comic Update Part 1/2

Well, I did it. I worked so long and hard over the weekend, but I did it. I drew, scanned, edited and uploaded 5 whole comics for your viewing pleasure. Damn, that took a lot of energy. But I did it, and I'd like you to appreciate my hard work by giving those comics a look or two! Things get pretty intense and... wet. (Because of the rain, get your mind out of the gutter!) I promise that I will go back to nice, silly little comics now. I just thought they needed some drama for a change. In fact, the comic strip from July 18th is the first (and hopefully only) comic where I didn't even try to make it funny or put a punchline in the last panel. And I hope it will stay that way, because I like drawing nice, silly, and funny situations. I like them better than dramatic ones, but everyone could use a change of pace once in a while, yeah? Yeah. Anyway, here's the links to those comics so you can go off and read them for yourself!

Start the vacation story arc:

New comics

Date Title Link
July 4th Fourth of July!
July 11th Phone Fight
July 18th Storm/Maya to the Rescue
July 25th Hotel 2
August 1st Leaving on a Jet Plane

That's all from me for today! There will be another big comic update next Monday, on the 12th, with another 5 comics. Bye!


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31st Aug 2016, 10:16 PM


Hey everyone! Today is Running With Scissors' FIRST BIRTHDAY!! enlightenedenlightenedenlightened (sorry. The emojis on ComicFury kinda suck.) 1 year ago today, I uploaded the very first comic in a series which would come to be very dear to my heart. I'm so glad lots of people like the comic I make every week!! (not really. I haven't uploaded a new one since June. Sorry...) Even though I didn't get the full 52 comics in this year, (I was 10 off) maybe I will next year. Or the year after! Here's to many more years of Running With Scissors! (Actually that would be bad. That would be very bad. Please don't have many more years of running with scissors, you will probably end up in the hospital.) Cheers! yes heartlaugh (again, the emojis are quite terrible.)

On a different note, I recently started highschool! It's been quite an adventure so far. Unfortunately, I won't have as much time to write comics, which is too bad. But I will certainly try!

Also, I'm gonna be back September 4th with 5 brand new comics. You can bet your left nostril they're gonna be good.

I leave you with the very first Runing With Scissors comic, 1 year ago today:

As you can see, my drawing style has changed quite a bit since then. Look at Henry in the last panel! He looks totally different! Well anyway, I'll keep you posted. See you September 4th!


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1st Aug 2016, 12:13 PM


Hey guys! I'm really sorry I blatantly lied in that last post, and said that I would publish comics more regularly in the summer. In fact, the opposite is true. Well, I'm still alive and I've just finished all the comics for June, plus a 4th of July one! Those should be up this week. I may or may not get up all the comics for July, but I'm hoping to start fresh and get up all the comics for August before the month is over, and that's my main priority. Plus- the comic for June 20th is A+. I spent so much work on that, it's not even funny. So that's your reward for waiting almost 2 months for a new comic! Bye for now!


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20th May 2016, 7:59 PM

Another Big Overdue Update (UPDATED 6/8/16)

Bold = most important!

Hello! Welcome back to Running With Scissors. There's a lot of new comics that you have probably missed. Here's a list of them that might have gotten lost:

  1. Dangers In Class-
  2. Maya's Birthday!-
  3. Doctor #1-
  4. Sports-
  5. TV-
  6. Henry Calls Dad-
  7. School's Almost Over-

If you could check those out that would be great! Hopefully I will get a better updating schedule. Running With Scissors will continue through the summer and into the fall too, so don't you worry! See you next Monday!


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